Greenville, South Carolina

Sam Smith is a master piano tuner who lives and works in Greenville, South Carolina. His local clients are quite diverse. They include the piano student, people who play for pleasure, churches, schools, colleges, auditoriums, the Fine Arts Center, Greenville Little Theatre, the Peace Center for the Performing Arts - and you. On a typical work day he might tune for a Greenville Symphony concert and for you.

Sam is the exclusive tuner for several local artists - Sherry & Fabio Parrini, Emil Pandolfi and Charlie Miller. Sherry Parrini is a private piano instructor and Fabio is the Piano Coordinator and Piano Professor at North Greenville University. Emil Pandolfi is a well-known local piano artist and entertainer. Charlie Miller is a Greenville composer and arranger.

International Artists

Sam Smith has tuned for a long list of internationally-known performers. The list includes:

In addition to this note-worthy list, Sam has tuned for many other performers that have appeared at the Peace Center, Gunter Hall, Furman University, Greenville Little Theater and more.


Sam is a member of the Piano Technician Guild and is currently serving as the program technician.